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Smell The Roses

Smell The Roses

New Foliage

Yesterday was an amazing day outside.  In Perth, we are nearing the end of our winter.  Now winter here doesn’t even come close to the winters I remember in Michigan where I grew up.  Now if you saw the sky yesterday, it was a brilliant blue with no clouds.  It spoke of life.  I felt like it would be such a waste to not take the time to breathe in some of that fresh air.  I remember speaking with a few different patients, just the other day about taking time to ‘smell the roses’.  We have all heard that expression, and of course the phrase is not literal, as the rose bushes here have all been pruned!  But taking it further, taking time to smell flowers, or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, and just stop and be in the present.  We all can let the busyness of life steal away from a beautiful day.  I took a photo of my rose bush outside with a new bud growing.  This is actually quite significant in my life right now.  I have pruned different aspects of my life professionally, in order to have more beautiful flowers result in different areas.

New bud

New bud

In my ‘life as a female chiropractor’, that is actually my ‘special of the week’.  No specific symptoms, but actually acknowledging today for what it is, what it brings.  I have a dear friend that reminds me and inspires me to smell the roses as his story is the opposite.  He has time, but not the health or ability to move around the way he used to.  The reality of my life is that I am able to walk and use my legs to exercise my physical body.  This is a gift that we can take for granted as not all people have the physical health.  More than a handful of patients brought this theme to their visit, and it was quite exceptional.  Wisdom does come with age, but who wants to wait until we are 80 or 90 to realise these things and start living.  The time is now – not yesterday, not tomorrow.

“Life is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.”

After I picked up my daughter from school, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.  She looked at me with a strange look, so I painted a picture of how the walk would be.  I explained that it was an opportunity to breathe in some lovely fresh air, have quality time for conversation, and get daily exercise in.  The alternative was coming home and diving into the computer and getting on with the usual routine that comes after a normal school day.  Well after that walk, she still got her homework done; dinner was still cooked and this blog post was written.

I felt so revitalised after and it was a nice change from the gym which is indoors all the time.  Our Spring officially starts next week and with that brings real flowers.  Let me encourage you as I will continue to remind myself to stop, and smell the roses…

Life of a Female Chiropractor 2

backThere are certain signs and symptoms that seem to be more prevalent than others at different times. I have been observing this over time in the course of my practice as a female chiropractor.

Upon my daily to weekly reflection, I notice that patients present with a ‘special of the day’. This ‘special of the day’ ends up usually being the ‘special of the week’. Whilst everyone is unique and treated personally, there are similar cases that come in that may not present for weeks to months later.

For example, last week it was hip pain. Hip pain is not lower back pain, nor is it pelvis pain or groin pain. They may be related, but the patient presents with pain in the hip joint proper and possibly surrounding muscles. Usually, these are the physical symptoms and the physical manifestation with an underlying cause.

The power of the mind and how our emotions affect us can be apparent in a case such as hip pain. Hip pain has been linked with a probable cause of fear of moving forward; fear of going ahead with major decisions; fear of nothing to move forward to.

After assessing these people, I found a major common thread in that when I asked them the questions of whether there have been major decisions they have been struggling with, (as stated above) the answer was yes.

It doesn’t always mean that it will be close to the present day of signs and symptoms, it could be accumulating over years.

This happened to me a couple of years ago.  There wasn’t just a physical reason for the hip pain, it was an underlying emotional reason that resulted in the pain to alert me.  I was grateful for understanding this and for my body speaking to me.

Being aware of these things is the first step in healing. We can assist ourselves in healing when we are aware of what to look for. The body continually speaks to us; it’s up to us to continually listen. The body is like a mirror of our inner beliefs and inner thoughts.

Are you or someone you know having hip pain or a problem with the hip?  Perhaps asking yourself if there is something in your life that is holding you back from making a major decision.  If not today, then remember this underlying message that may alert you in the future.

Life Of A Female Chiropractor

It wasn’t until recently that I really thought about the phrase, “my life as a female chiropractor”.  I used to just think of myself as a chiropractor, not necessarily a female chiropractor.  I have been focused on becoming a chiropractor since I was 9 years old.  That must have been amazing for my mother when someone asked me as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Instead of the usual response in those days of ‘teacher’ or ‘nurse’ – I come out with ‘chiropractor’ with confidence and certainty that wouldn’t be ‘normal’ for a typical 9 year old.  That is why it fascinates me today when so many young people don’t know what they want to do.  I guess I was the abnormal one by knowing so early.  When I look back, I feel nothing but gratitude for being awakened to one of my main purposes in life.

Being a female chiropractor for me, means juggling that with being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and woman in general!  I personally have recently been able to bring that to better balance so that one doesn’t unequally outweigh another.  I have spent a lot of time over the last few years on personal development including archetype awareness and the work of Dr John Demartini.  This included reading books, watching dvds, listening to cd’s and attending various seminars.  I believe that you get out what you put in.  There are many great personal development tips and tools, but if you don’t implement them, they are useless.  It is really quite simple, but it’s not always easy.

‘Yours truly’ with my mentor, Dr John Demartini

Chiropam & Dr John Demartini

As a female chiropractor, I focused on the physical aspects of a patient’s health primarily.  As a female in general, I focused a lot on the physical aspects of my own health – primarily nutrition and exercise.  Over the course of my career, the insights that were so profound were the body-mind or mind-body connection.  The body affects the mind.  The mind affects the body.  Therefore, the power of the mind is overwhelming in relation to the human body.

I felt that I always knew about how amazing and powerful the human body is.  However, after doing the personal development work over the last few years, the power of the mind is what is capturing my attention primarily these days.

Until next time….in the life of a female chiropractor….


A wellness approach to health incorporates a variety of healthy habits for optimum function on physical, mental, social and spiritual levels.

Why It Is Wise To Have Chiropractic When You’re Not In Pain

Many people think that if they don’t have pain or symptoms that they are healthy.  Chiropractic care focuses primarily on the nervous system.    The nervous system controls virtually every aspect of our body’s functions.  In order to be your very best, it is essential to have a properly functioning nervous system.  Chiropractic care can be a very important choice for a wellness lifestyle, as well as exercise and good nutritional habits.  Those who want to be at their optimum health add regular chiropractic care to their health choices.  The health benefits include more vitality, endurance and the ability to enjoy life to the full.

Chiropractic Helps More Than Just “Bad Backs”

Wellness and maintenance care are often thought to be the same thing.  However, the objective or goal in these types of health care are actually very different as are their results and benefits.  What is most important to understand is that if we want areas in our life to continue to function properly – they require regular maintenance.

Our car, our house, our teeth, our health, our relationships, and yes…our spines!  So in any aspect of our life that we are not applying regular maintenance (adding energy and organisation) over time it will breakdown and lead to a crisis.  If you don’t maintain your kitchen…crisis!   If you don’t maintain your bathroom…crisis!  If you don’t maintain your relationships…crisis!  And of course, if you don’t maintain your spine…crisis!

The vast majority of people today were not aware of the necessity of spine and nervous system maintenance from birth, therefore it is very likely that even with regular maintenance that a person will still experience the occasional relapse.  Why?  Imagine trying to maintain your teeth if you hadn’t brushed them for the first thirty years of your life. Of course you would need to go through an extensive process of correcting the problem first just to get your teeth to a place where they can be maintained.  Even then with regular maintenance it is likely that you would still experience some problems over time.

Let’s introduce wellness!   The main difference between maintenance and wellness is that maintenance simply looks to “maintain” the current state by adding just enough energy or organisation to try to maintain the current state. Whereas wellness looks to find even better states of organisation through a process of “constant and never ending improvement”.

Let’s use our kitchen as an example.  We can look to maintain our kitchen in its current state of organisation and over time we will realise that it requires more and more energy to simply maintain the kitchen in its current state.  Now if we use a wellness approach toward our kitchen, we would not only be maintaining its current state but we would continue to look for ways to improve the level of organisation, which in turn saves on the energy needed for maintaining it.

The exact same rule applies to every aspect of our lives.  If we simply look to maintain our car, our home, our health, our teeth, our relationships, as well as our spines – we will find that over time it will naturally require more and more energy to simply maintain its current state.  With wellness care we can continue to look for and implement new strategies to actively organise our lives.

When we look at this in terms of our spine and nervous system we realise that using a wellness approach toward our care is not only a wise investment, it is a better way of life.  When we look at what today’s research says in relationship to wellness care we realise that maintaining the spine in a wellness model offers our body the opportunity to learn new strategies for dealing with all the natural stresses in life.  In fact, people who have been actively maintaining their spine in a wellness model show increased healing and repair processes at levels which are not seen in otherwise healthy people.

Where do you see your health in 5 years? In 10 years? Do you simply want to maintain you current level of health or would you prefer to see your health continuing to improve every year for the next 10 years?