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Don Tolman

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Don Tolman recently wrote the following:

In the years I have studied the Cancer Financial Industry, a crusade of study that I began after personally witnessing dozens of unnecessary deaths from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I have been shocked by the unnecessary over use of “weapons of mass destruction”.

After years of observation and personal experience, in my mind, this most ruthless and dangerous of financial industries has relentlessly been deployed on the public.

During the course of my research into the “real cancer war”, I discovered there were questions you shouldn’t ask and questions the “experts” most definitely want to avoid.

Around the world, I have spoken on television and radio shows about the safe, natural and medically proven alternatives being infused with radiation (who doesn’t know that radiation causes cancer?) and chemotherapy (some of which, like Alkeran, are banned as inhumane, chemical, warfare agents that cause cancer), yet these questions were blustered over with academic drivel and never answered by the “experts” who were brought along to counter me.  So here are some BIG QUESTIONS about cancer:

  • Why are hundreds of thousands of cancer people feeling the need to look for cancer treatment alternatives at all? Is it because they’ve seen what traditional treatments do to a person? Have they seen that they do not work on the majority of cancers? Do they sense there must be an easier way? Do they know that these treatments mostly fail and speed them into an early death?
  • Why does the cancer industry and their charities employ the five-year survival rule to falsify their success rates? How can you die in your sixth year of cancer, and still be counted as cured?
  • Why do we have cultures on the earth today (without a single medical degree amongst them) and they have no trace of cancer in their culture? Read of Albert Schweitzer, Sir Robert McCarrison, Dr Weston Price, Dr Francisco and others and the real reason why their work was an embarrassment to medical science.
  • If the human body becomes what it absorbs, why don’t they train our doctors in whole food nutrition?
  • If the tumor is the cancer and therefore the oncologist’s target (chemo, radiation, surgery all target the tumor), why doesn’t removing or destroying the tumor always cure cancer? Why in the majority of cases (96%) does it return?
  • Is the advice we receive from the Cancer Charities tainted with the chemical breath of the drug industries monetary donations?
  • Why are almost all chemotherapy drugs themselves hideously toxic carcinogens? Fighting ‘fire with fire’ almost always leads to MORE FIRE. Sometimes water is the obvious answer!
  • Why in spite of the hundreds of billions that have been poured into cancer, does America have theworst cancer survival rates of all industrialized nations?
  • Why do thousands continue to overcome their cancer using wholefoods, and yet nothing is ever mentioned in the media, including the medical studies that showed how they did it?
  • Are you aware that studies show the majority of oncologists polled would not themselves take their own treatments if they developed cancer?

There is an old proverb: Fools ask questions wise men cannot answer.  In the meantime, “fools” keep disobeying their medical masters with whole food treatments for cancer and those pesky testimonials keep coming in.

I honestly believe that many within the medical industry really do, truly believe that they are doing the best that can be done to treat cancer. The tragedy is that they have been conditioned and taught to believe that surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are really the only scientific and possible ways to treat cancer (even it the proofs are only those of the drug company research – which is the case with nearly every medical research study that is published).


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