Mother-Daughter Bond

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Happy 09/09/09 Everyone!

This is a once in a lifetime occurrence!  My daughter thought that was pretty incredible, as next year will be 10/10/10!  She then said that the 2 years after that will be pretty special too, and that she will be here for all of them.  That’s a great attitude, as she has her whole life ahead of her.

The 3 Generations

The 3 Generations

It was an interesting day, and after the events of the day, I decided to make this the blog post of the day.  I had set aside the day for my mum and I to have a Mother-daughter bonding day.  We went shopping, had lunch, coffee and conversation that spanned all topics.  Last week, I had a Mother-daughter bonding afternoon with my daughter after school.  It takes away the routine of homework, dinner, etc. that can take away time from smelling the roses.

The Mother-daughter bond is a very special gift.  The value in the mother-daughter bond comes from the two parties caring for one another and sharing a strong investment in the family as a whole.  I was reading an article that described the evolution in the relationship between a daughter with her mother.  There comes a moment that is critical when the daughter suddenly realises that the mother is another woman.  Before this, a mother is more of a symbol.  She’s meant to be the nurturer, all-knowing, all-powerful; perhaps even the enemy.  She is usually not seen as another woman with similar problems and experiences.

I feel that I had this realisation earlier this year, and I actually had a heart-to-heart talk with my own mother.  I explained that relating to each other as women and not just mother-daughter, then our relationship has the potential to really flourish.   My personal journey brought me to this and the timing seemed to be just right.  My daughter will be a teenager next year, so that relationship will go through it’s own challenges and rewards.

I had some news that shattered my world for a moment.  One of my patients rang to share with me that her daughter who was in her early 20′s, fell and hit her head unexpectedly in the shopping centre where she worked, and killer her instantly.  I was quite speechless as she was a wonderful young girl that had her whole life ahead of her to live.  That is another major reminder to not take things for granted.  We don’t know how long we have.   I really hope she knew the love in her life – that her family and friends not only told her, but showed her that they loved her and how much she meant to their lives.  My heart goes out to her family.

Appreciating the ones we love and letting them know is one of the core values that I choose to live by.

Love to my mum and my daughter – may you always know how much you both mean to me.

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Smell The Roses

Posted by chiropam on Aug 27, 2009 in Chiropractic
Smell The Roses

New Foliage

Yesterday was an amazing day outside.  In Perth, we are nearing the end of our winter.  Now winter here doesn’t even come close to the winters I remember in Michigan where I grew up.  Now if you saw the sky yesterday, it was a brilliant blue with no clouds.  It spoke of life.  I felt like it would be such a waste to not take the time to breathe in some of that fresh air.  I remember speaking with a few different patients, just the other day about taking time to ‘smell the roses’.  We have all heard that expression, and of course the phrase is not literal, as the rose bushes here have all been pruned!  But taking it further, taking time to smell flowers, or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, and just stop and be in the present.  We all can let the busyness of life steal away from a beautiful day.  I took a photo of my rose bush outside with a new bud growing.  This is actually quite significant in my life right now.  I have pruned different aspects of my life professionally, in order to have more beautiful flowers result in different areas.

New bud

New bud

In my ‘life as a female chiropractor’, that is actually my ‘special of the week’.  No specific symptoms, but actually acknowledging today for what it is, what it brings.  I have a dear friend that reminds me and inspires me to smell the roses as his story is the opposite.  He has time, but not the health or ability to move around the way he used to.  The reality of my life is that I am able to walk and use my legs to exercise my physical body.  This is a gift that we can take for granted as not all people have the physical health.  More than a handful of patients brought this theme to their visit, and it was quite exceptional.  Wisdom does come with age, but who wants to wait until we are 80 or 90 to realise these things and start living.  The time is now – not yesterday, not tomorrow.

“Life is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.”

After I picked up my daughter from school, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.  She looked at me with a strange look, so I painted a picture of how the walk would be.  I explained that it was an opportunity to breathe in some lovely fresh air, have quality time for conversation, and get daily exercise in.  The alternative was coming home and diving into the computer and getting on with the usual routine that comes after a normal school day.  Well after that walk, she still got her homework done; dinner was still cooked and this blog post was written.

I felt so revitalised after and it was a nice change from the gym which is indoors all the time.  Our Spring officially starts next week and with that brings real flowers.  Let me encourage you as I will continue to remind myself to stop, and smell the roses…

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San Churro Chocolate

Posted by chiropam on May 5, 2009 in Chiropractic, Health Benefits

While researching for my last post on dark chocolate, I found a website that really grabbed my attention.  The website was about a specialty chocolate and coffee shop, called a chocolateria.  The presentation of the website caught my eye.  As I was reading, I was curious where this shop was and to my wonderful surprise, there was one in Perth!  Actually, in Fremantle which is south of Perth.  The shop was called San Churro.  They specialise in the Spanish donut, ‘the churro’ and different chocolates.  They serve coffee and the famous, Spanish hot chocolate.  I was so excited that I could experience these Spanish delights here in Perth!  There are other shop locations as well in Australia.  The week after I found this website, I was meant to meet a friend in Fremantle for breakfast.  I suggested we go there to try their coffee and churros.  She knew exactly where it was and was pleased to say she had been there before and really enjoyed it.

It was Wednesday morning, when we met at 9am at San Churro on Market Street, Fremantle.  The churros are made fresh on the premise.  The aroma was filling the air as the morning churros were freshly being made.  After we placed our order, we had a chance to look around the shop.  There were different chocolates from all over the world.

Making the Churros

Making the Churros

The real bonus for me was the dipping options for the churros.   Choices between white, milk and dark chocolate and the fourth option was “dulce de leche”.  This brought back fond memories of my trip to South America, in particularly Argentina.  This delicious caramel is like peanut butter is to the United States and vegemite is to Australia.  We chose the dulce de leche and dark chocolate due to its health benefits.



There are also handmade chocolate truffles for the true chocolate connoisseur termed the “Coleccion Afrodisiaca” which translates to the Aphrodisiac Collection.  There are unique flavours for a really special treat.

If you’re not in the mood for churros, there are different cakes, cookies, biscuits to choose from.  And what  really impressed me was they offered gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, vegetarian and low-fat options.

So really, there seems to be something for everyone.  We browsed through the shop items that offered various chocolates from different parts of the world.  Great gift ideas for the chocoholic!

We sat down on a comfortable leather lounge at the side of the shop with a wooden coffee table to have our coffee and churros on.  The coffee was one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had.  The chocolate on top of the froth was their special shaved chocolate.  That was a treat in itself.



I highly value presentation and service.  San Churro gets a thumbs up from me in both areas as well as their products.  A delightful experience I just felt I had to share.  :-)

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