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Don Tolman

Our fast-paced living is contributing to choices that are leaving us overweight, unhealthy and on a path to pain and disease.

We’ve given our power over to politicians and our health to doctors—choices that are making us more stressed and sicker than our ancestors. We’re suffering, and so are our children.

Cancer has become almost as common as The Cold. Obesity is an epidemic. Allergies are commonplace. And it’s only getting worse.

But have you ever considered why? Why are those we trust getting it so wrong, offering treatments that cause greater pain and suffering; recommending pills that do more damage than good?

What if we didn’t have to get sick, stressed and live in a state of daily overwhelm and fear? What if there was another way?

What if it was easy once you knew how?

Tens of Thousands of people just like you have learned the secrets to wellness and longevity, and changed their life and the lives of their families. Their mentor? A real life Indiana Jones who has made it his mission to empower people like you with health truths and life-changing information that’s easy to apply.

Internationally recognised wholefood expert Don Tolman is on his way to Australia for a series of complimentary events that kick off this Saturday!. ‘ **Where Truth and Health Lies’ – Don Tolman Live and Uncensored** ; will change the way you look at your health and your family’s wellbeing forever.

Most venues are nearly at full capacity, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to be there!

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You too can learn how to make simple changes that will have a positive impact to the health of you and your family.

At this two-and-a-half hour life-changing event, Don will clear the confusion and give you the keys to transformation that will allow you to finally lead the life you’ve always dreamt of.

‘Where Truth and Health Lies’ is Enlightening, informing and sometimes shocking, you will learn:

• Why Western treatments for dis-ease work against the body and send it into further disrepair
• Why dis-ease isn’t a death sentence and what it’s actually telling you
• How to cut through the BS and decipher what’s true and what’s not for you, your body and your family
• How to apply ancient principles of self care to modern-day living
• Why nature provides all we need for a healthy, happy, long life
• How to really lose weight and keep it off, while not feeling restricted
• What your allergies are really telling you
• How to take your life back into your own hands, without having to be overwhelmed and stressed
• Transformational information applied by the terminally ill to gain full recoveries.

This truly is one of the most gripping and transformational events you could ever attend.

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About Don Tolman

Don has been a return guest on The Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight and ABC Talk Radio in the United States. In Australasia, he as appeared numerous times on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight and New Zealand’s Good Morning Show.

He has also been featured widely in print media including Australia’s most respected health magazine, WellBeing. His revolutionary discoveries in the field of wholefood nutrition have earned him the right to speak at some of the world’s leading health and technology organisations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Health Research Academy at Cornell University in New York City and the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where he has guided many terminally ill patients to a full recovery.

Disease isn’t a death sentence, come join us and learn how to regain your health & vitality.

I hope to see you there!

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Breakthrough Experience

Dr Demartini is coming to Australia – Check out the cities and dates here: BREAKTHROUGH

I personally have done Dr Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience twice and have had very different experiences due to different times in my life.  The results have been no less than amazing – and I continue to use the principles on a daily basis throughout my life now, both personally and professionally.

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Don Tolman – Back in Australia!

‘Where Truth and Health Lies’ is one of the most gripping and transformational events you could ever attend.

Click above on your city – Tickets in each city are strictly limited, with all major cities anticipated to sell-out.

Secure Your Complimentary Tickets Quickly – before they’re gone!

Please Note: To register more than one person you will need their own unique email address for the booking to be successful. Simply register each person individually under their own unique email address.

Open Your Mind

Don Tolman has made it his mission to empower people like you with health truths and life-changing information that’s easy to apply.

Tens of Thousands of people just like you have learned the secrets to wellness and longevity, and changed their life and the lives of their families.

Internationally recognised wholefood expert Don Tolman will change the way you look at your health and your family’s wellbeing forever.

You too can learn how to make simple changes that will have a positive impact to the health of you and your family.

At ‘Where Truth And Health Lies’ – Don will clear the confusion and give you the keys to transformation that will allow you to finally lead the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Forward Head Posture


The most common postural distortion we experience today is Forward Head Posture (FHP).  Lifestyle factors are one of the largest causes of FHP. We are living in a forward-facing world ~ the repetitive use of computers, TV, video games, ‘smart’ phones and even backpacks contribute to this unhealthy posture.  FHP often starts in childhood and can typically begin after some type of trauma.  It is exacerbated through adulthood from poor ergonomics, repetitive computer use and looking down at mobile phones.

Initial causes include:

Sport traumas

Motor vehicle accidents

Falls from bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and high places

The traumas may be considered minor at the time, but can cause spinal misalignments that heal improperly, setting the stage for a progressive forward head posture and poor postural health.  Chiropractic adjustments may help and correct these spinal misalignments.

Rene Cailliet, the former Director of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Director at U.S.C., has done extensive research into the area of posture and he states that “your body follows the head…your head held in a forward position can pull your entire body out of line.” Cailliet has research showing FHP can reduce a person’s lung capacity by 30%; the gastrointestinal system is affected by the upper cervical tension, especially the large intestine.

Also with FHP, the body can become rigid and stiff, and the entire ranges of motion are affected. This can also lead to decrease in endorphin production which then increases overall pain and discomfort affecting the health and mood of the person.


Imagine carrying a bowling ball around your head. That is the average weight of an adult head.  Ideally, your head should sit directly over your shoulders.   And although we take it for granted, we are constantly challenged to hold it up because of the effects of gravity.  Think of how your head drops when you are falling asleep sitting up in a chair.

With FHP, for every inch your head is forward over your shoulders, it increases the physical stress at the base of your neck and across your shoulders by 10 times.  So, if your head weighs 10 pounds, and your head is 3 inches forward, that’s 30 pounds of stress in your upper back!  The neck and shoulders have to carry this weight all day, and it is made worse by working on computers, reading for prolonged periods, playing video games, etc. The neck and upper back muscles are in a constant state of contraction.  This can result in muscle strain, aching neck pain, headaches, pinched nerves, numbness and tingling in arms and hands, low back pain, TMJ disorders, and multiple other problems.  FHP has also been shown to flatten and sometimes reverse the normal neck curve, causing spinal disc compression, which may result in spinal degeneration and other spinal damage.


If you are suffering from FHP, you should be examined by a chiropractor who can evaluate your spine to check for any misalignments which may be causing the improper posture. Other simple things that you can do to help improve are correcting the ergonomics at work, home, school or in the car ~ checking to make sure that you are sitting straight, not hunching over a computer or slouching in your car seat. When you are actually aware of the problem, it is easier to identify things that are contributing to it.





Don Tolman Coming to Australia!


I’m so excited to announce that Don Tolman is coming back to Australia once again thanks to my good friends at Fortune Events.

Don’s last Australian Tour sold out in record breaking time with hundreds of people missing out! So be quick to secure your seat!

Secure Your Complimentary Tickets – ‘Where Truth & Health Lies” with Don Tolman  –  Click on Link Below:

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If you’ve seen Don Tolman live in seminar before, you’ll know that it’s one of the most entertaining, shocking, inspiring and life-changing events you’ll ever experience.

Could it get any better? Well, just wait and see…

At this two-and-a-half hour exclusive event, Don will reveal:

Why the industry of “Health Care” has been totally mis-named
The history of the Pharmaceutical industry and why Doctor’s offices are called “Practices”
Why “Symptoms” should never be ‘treated’
The true meaning of “Diagnosis”
Why your body cannot recognise “Supplements”
The wisdom of Wholefoods and their Signatures (“Signs of Nature”)
Which foods to eat to achieve your ideal weight and body equilibrium
How the power for you to create Health and Longevity for yourself is in YOUR hands…plus heaps of insights and amazingly simple tips!
“Where Truth & Health Lies” – Don Tolman LIVE and Uncensored.

At this fascinating evening, you’ll discover why the diagnosis of disease has become a multi-trillion dollar global industry based on fear and lies. You’ll find out why now more than ever you need to be informed. And you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to avoid becoming another disease or medical statistic.

At the end of this incredible evening, you’ll realise that the power for you to create health and longevity for yourself is in YOUR hands. You’ll discover why the wisdom of Self Care is as true and relevant today as ever before. And you’ll walk away with knowledge and insights that will transform your perspective on life and health.

It’s time to take charge of your own health destiny…

Come and join us for An Evening with Don Tolman LIVE. You’ll be exposed to the art, principles and methods of the ancients (your brilliant ancestors) and how you can apply these principles to your own life and health in today’s world.

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F R E E    T I C K E T  –  D O N  T O L M A N 

If Don has so far escaped your gaze…

Don Tolman has spoken to more than 1,000 audiences in all 50 states of America and in countries all over the world.

His media credits include more than 50 radio and TV talk show appearances per year. He has been a return guest on the Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight and ABC Talk Radio in the US and Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight in Australia and the Good-Morning Show in New Zealand.

Do not miss your chance to spend the evening with the man that has been referred to as a ‘modern day Einstein’.

Self Care Xpress with Tyler Tolman

Want to dramatically enhance your life by learning keys to better health & wellness?

Come to a fascinating and fun-filled weekend with Tyler Tolman where he will share some extremely useful tips to implement into your life, while being proactive and taking charge with ‘Self Care’. Click on link below for more details:

Don Tolman

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Don Tolman recently wrote the following:

In the years I have studied the Cancer Financial Industry, a crusade of study that I began after personally witnessing dozens of unnecessary deaths from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I have been shocked by the unnecessary over use of “weapons of mass destruction”.

After years of observation and personal experience, in my mind, this most ruthless and dangerous of financial industries has relentlessly been deployed on the public.

During the course of my research into the “real cancer war”, I discovered there were questions you shouldn’t ask and questions the “experts” most definitely want to avoid.

Around the world, I have spoken on television and radio shows about the safe, natural and medically proven alternatives being infused with radiation (who doesn’t know that radiation causes cancer?) and chemotherapy (some of which, like Alkeran, are banned as inhumane, chemical, warfare agents that cause cancer), yet these questions were blustered over with academic drivel and never answered by the “experts” who were brought along to counter me.  So here are some BIG QUESTIONS about cancer:

  • Why are hundreds of thousands of cancer people feeling the need to look for cancer treatment alternatives at all? Is it because they’ve seen what traditional treatments do to a person? Have they seen that they do not work on the majority of cancers? Do they sense there must be an easier way? Do they know that these treatments mostly fail and speed them into an early death?
  • Why does the cancer industry and their charities employ the five-year survival rule to falsify their success rates? How can you die in your sixth year of cancer, and still be counted as cured?
  • Why do we have cultures on the earth today (without a single medical degree amongst them) and they have no trace of cancer in their culture? Read of Albert Schweitzer, Sir Robert McCarrison, Dr Weston Price, Dr Francisco and others and the real reason why their work was an embarrassment to medical science.
  • If the human body becomes what it absorbs, why don’t they train our doctors in whole food nutrition?
  • If the tumor is the cancer and therefore the oncologist’s target (chemo, radiation, surgery all target the tumor), why doesn’t removing or destroying the tumor always cure cancer? Why in the majority of cases (96%) does it return?
  • Is the advice we receive from the Cancer Charities tainted with the chemical breath of the drug industries monetary donations?
  • Why are almost all chemotherapy drugs themselves hideously toxic carcinogens? Fighting ‘fire with fire’ almost always leads to MORE FIRE. Sometimes water is the obvious answer!
  • Why in spite of the hundreds of billions that have been poured into cancer, does America have theworst cancer survival rates of all industrialized nations?
  • Why do thousands continue to overcome their cancer using wholefoods, and yet nothing is ever mentioned in the media, including the medical studies that showed how they did it?
  • Are you aware that studies show the majority of oncologists polled would not themselves take their own treatments if they developed cancer?

There is an old proverb: Fools ask questions wise men cannot answer.  In the meantime, “fools” keep disobeying their medical masters with whole food treatments for cancer and those pesky testimonials keep coming in.

I honestly believe that many within the medical industry really do, truly believe that they are doing the best that can be done to treat cancer. The tragedy is that they have been conditioned and taught to believe that surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are really the only scientific and possible ways to treat cancer (even it the proofs are only those of the drug company research – which is the case with nearly every medical research study that is published).


Don Tolman International publishes the popular P.O.W.E.R. (Pearls of Wisdom, Enlightenment and Results) weekly eZine with over 10,000 subscribers from all over the globe.

If you’re ready to discover the wisdom and power of Self-Care and Self-Education and receive FREE tips and EVENT news from Don Tolman Internationaljoin our online community today and you’ll immediately be emailed aFREE eBook entitled “WHAT MAKES A BALANCED DIET“. Subscribe to: P.O.W.E.R. now!

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Tyler Tolman

When you have a cut or bruise on your leg, it usually heals itself quickly – How Amazing!

However, if we are not careful, it can fester, become infected and give us pain.

Pain is our body’s signal to us that it needs help. With a cut leg the course of action is obvious.   But what about tiny, invisible wounds that we can’t see, which are happening inside our bodies all the time?

What do YOU do when a subtle message of pain appears?

Too many of us reach for the nearest chemical ‘pain reliever’, when we could be doing something better to support our health and healing. Sadly, because most people do not trust or know how to embrace “Self-Care”, there are internal wounds festering and contributing to the ill health of millions of people around the world.  And the vast majority of them will become customers (and victims) of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our bodies are being damaged inside, invisible and mercilessly, by toxic chemical reactions. Toxic chemical additives and hazardous wastes in our air, water and food supplies will continue to pervade our living and working environments. These toxins are returning to us in everything we eat, drink and breathe. Thankfully much of the internal damage they do heals automatically, like that cut on our leg. However when our body is not adequately nourished it can’t neutralise and expel these poisons fast enough. They build up in our body, and so does the invisible damage they do. Toxic build up can severely damage our immune system and lead to disease.

A body that is toxic is like a cut with dirt in it. It is contaminated and may not heal properly. It needs to be cleaned and given the nutrients it needs to detoxify and rebuild and heal itself. Many of us have already recognised the fact of life and have altered our lifestyles to avoid as many chemicals as possible. Some of us have also recognised this fact of health and are being more careful about nutrients that can help our body detox – and rebuild our immune system.

Come hear more on the in’s and out’s of “Self-Care” – and take charge of your health!  Click Below for more info: