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Dr John Demartini

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As one of my greatest mentors, Dr John Demartini says, “Do what you love, love what you do” – this has been what I live by and where my greatest inspiration comes from. As a young child, I remember going in and out of doctor’s offices practically every other day. I suffered from chronic ear infections, chronic throat infections and several different allergies. I was prescribed several different medications, trying to find solutions to my problems. I also went for allergy shots in my arms regularly and was scheduled for grommets/tubes in the ears and for a tonsillectomy. My mother had a bad experience with a chiropractor several years prior (before I was born) and therefore had a very negative opinion of chiropractic. It took a family friend over a year to convince her to take me to a chiropractor that she highly recommended. Well, that was the moment that changed my life forever. I was one of the miracle type cases that responded straightaway, and instead of just alleviating my symptoms, the cause was dealt with specifically and most importantly, naturally. The chiropractor found misalignments in my spine, called vertebral subluxation complexes that was causing interference in my nervous system. To this day, I still have my tonsils, did not have the grommets put in, and don’t have any allergies. At 9 years old, I decided that I wanted to help people through chiropractic the way chiropractic has helped me. I consider myself extremely fortunate, as I have been able to live my dream, my true passion and inspiration through my chosen profession. I truly love what I do and do what I love. For that, I am truly grateful.

Sunset After The Storm

Last Monday, the 22nd of March 2010 was a day that the people of Perth, Western Australia will remember for many years to come.  The heavens opened up and it rained, then poured and then started sending hail that ranged from the size of golf balls to cricket balls.  Some escaped damage, and others had the unfortunate circumstances of wrecked cars or homes damaged from water or hail that viciously came through windows, ceilings, walls or backed up onto floors and gardens.

Here is a brief video that a local shot on the day of the storm for those of you who were not here in Perth to experience it, or if you wish to ‘re-live’ the experience.

The purpose of this blog post was not to elaborate on the damage, the wrecked cars, the numerous amounts of insurance claims now in queues, but to share with you my true inspiration from the storm.

The Sunset After The Storm which was the day after, was one of the most breathtaking I can remember.  I ran to get my camera and capture the sky with it’s most magical hues of pink, orange and red.

Sunset After The Storm

This to me is reflective of life.  The ups and downs of life are representative of a storm.  Emotions like rage, anger and hate can be shades of black and grey and be so dim.  Going through rough periods can make you feel like you’re in a black hole, falling down a dark tunnel, bleak and even fearful.  The sky that late afternoon got so dark around 5:00pm, that you thought it was midnight.  The power went out creating even more darkness and quietness which was quite eerie.  Amazingly enough, it was such a different sound compared to the ‘buzzing’ that is constantly surrounding us.  It was also another reminder how we take things for granted like electricity, which we have grown so dependent on.

Sunset After The Storm

On the other side of the spectrum, to balance out that dark, black vicious sky – the most amazing brightness that painted the sky literally made me stop and give thanks for the many blessings in my life.

I quote my mentor, Dr John Demartini, “Nothing has ever happened or can happen to you that is not a gift and a blessing, but it’s difficult to be thankful until you find the hidden benefit in what may seem at first to be a negative event. Gratitude makes you present with whatever you are doing.”

Sunset After The Storm

I’ve learned that it is more than just being positive, or thinking positive.  It’s about being truly grateful for what is, as it is.  Not living in the guilt of the past, or fear of the future, but truly in the present…that’s why they call it a gift :-).

Balance comes from focusing on what we have in our lives that we are grateful for.  I’ve been consciously asking myself, when I catch a negative thought, or complaint in action.  Is this an empowering thought, or a disempowering thought?  We have the power and the choice to change that.  It doesn’t have to dominate.  Choosing which way is so liberating.

Sunset After The Storm

So whatever storm you may be going through in life, ask yourself:  Am I acting in an empowering way, or a disempowering way?  Are my thoughts empowering or disempowering?  If I want a different outcome, the first major step is to change my thoughts and the rest will follow.

Choose to see the sunset, appreciate the sunset, be grateful for the sunset, rather than focusing on the storm – the darkness, the destruction, the damage.  Look for your ‘Sunset After The Storm’….good luck on your journey!

Life of a Female Chiropractor 3

I was wondering to myself, “What shall I blog about today”?   The last couple weeks of my life as a female chiropractor have been quite full with the administration side of my chiropractic business, so my creative side has been put on the back burner.  It is school holiday time in Perth, which means 2 weeks break for the school kids between Term 3 and 4.

My daughter was with some friends in the afternoon and needed to be picked up.  On my way, I’m driving along the beautiful coast road, as the sun is getting ready to set over the ocean, and Whack!  “What was that?!?!” I thought to myself.  The sky is falling!  Not sure, I’m driving along, and on the passenger window was an egg splattered over my window.  At first, I thought I hit a bird.  But the slime that was smeared was not the presentation that hitting a bird would make.

A flood of emotions came over me, startled, shocked, curious, wondering, then angry.  This egg did not fly randomly out of the sky, or did it?  Was the universe trying to get my attention?  When I was angry I was thinking that it was probably kids with nothing better to do during their school holidays.  Nothing better to do?  How appalling is that?  We live in a society where kids have so much, that they find throwing eggs out of bushes at oncoming traffic amusing.  Good old fashioned fun is great, playing outside etc. but not when it can endanger others.

If that would have hit the window on the driver’s side, it  could have caused a serious accident.  I don’t feel angry anymore, I’ve learned it is best not to carry that emotion.  Identify it, look at the positives and negatives and be grateful for what it is.

Grateful for an egg splattered on my car?  No.  Grateful for it not being worse and giving me the opportunity to remind my daughter about values and acceptable behaviour.  Yes.  Interestingly enough, I could think of many other great things to do with eggs, not throw them at people, places or things.

I felt the need to share this, and would love to get your feedback and your thoughts in the Comments section.