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T E A M – Together Everyone Achieves More

In my life as a female chiropractor, I see that a healthy, optimum functioning body requires the coordinated effort of every aspect of the body. No cell, tissue, organ or system by itself will allow us to experience the highest levels of life expression. It takes teamwork by all the parts of the body.

As part of a transition taking place in my office, teamwork will be one of the major focuses.

Teamwork allows teams and families to be successful. Teamwork allows our body and our practice to be healthy. Teamwork in my practice, for example is essential to serve people to the best of our ability.

One of the main reasons I am in practice is to see people healed and delivered from interferences.  I live and breathe chiropractic with all my substance. This is my reason or purpose for doing the best I can to inspire my team, to reach people and share chiropractic with them.

When you talk about success, most of the time you would think that you are the reason behind the success. But in reality, the success of your practice or business depends on whether you have developed a strong staff who are all on the same page as yourself.

An essential ingredient is having a team spirit deep within you. Next step is having your team sharing that spirit, or failure is inevitable. When you’re unified as a team, there’s much power and room for growth and success. There have been times of stagnant growth because of being stifled by an environment of distress. This occurred when the group or team worked as individuals rather than team members.

Teamwork is never by accident

It’s always deliberate and voluntary.  Teamwork is defined as “the work of a number of persons in close association as members of one unit.”

  • The first thing that is needed is to express the need for and the importance of teamwork.
  • Describe what the business is all about, why we  have a practice and what the purpose is.
  • Purpose is defined as “an object or result aimed at with determination”. This word is one of the components of a great team.
  • Having people on your side assisting you and believing in what you believe in only makes that idea stronger, and more powerful.

There will be support and challenge, possibilities and difficulties, positives and negatives. This is inevitable. We do have choices on how we tackle it and from which angle. There are many different ways you can look at your team and examine and re-examine whether or not this team is the best it can be. Many factors and a lot of good old fashioned hard work go into making a team that works.

Transition II

Part of my transition included a book I had read earlier this year called, “How Would Love Respond?” by Kurek Ashley.  I had the book for a couple of months and got so busy toward the end of the year that I hadn’t taken the time to intentionally pick it up.  The journey of life has a lot of unknowns, and the messages in this book couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Now that I have read it, I realised that it wasn’t “too late” it was actually perfect timing.  My mind and heart were more ready to absorb what was in the book whereas months before, I might have missed a few things.  I believe in reading books more than once, especially ones that have impact.  I regularly skip through it now and see what messages may apply at the given time.

I’d like to share some points of this with you and encourage you to read this and see how it applies or can apply to your own life.  Part of overall wellness includes a balance of information stimulating the brain cells.

One of the first pages of the book before it starts reads, “Your mind is like a parachute.  It works much better when it’s open!” – How true this statement is, and that is where we can change our life so much.  Things like social, family or religious conditioning can cause our minds to not be “free”.  The first step in creating change is awareness.  Awareness is the key.  From here, we can make changes in our lives.  There are several examples of his personal journey, and the fact of the matter is, “we all have a story.”  We got here today by the life experiences we have had thus far.  There are no accidents.  We have choices on which perception to believe – choosing to look at it from a positive view or a negative view.  We have that power to choose, whether you believe this or not.  By learning how to access this power, there are ways to open the mind and keep it open.  Keeping it open is even more important, because old patterns and old behaviours can creep up and get in the way.

“Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way It Should” – Kurek Ashley shares his amazing story in detail of his life-changing experience.  We have them in different times, different forms, different places with different people – SEE’s (Significant Emotional Events) that literally change your life.  I’ll leave Kurek’s personal story described in Chapter 1 for the reading in the book – don’t want to spoil any of the details, but the messages and summary is this:

“Trust in the fact that there are no accidents and that there is something in this book that you’re searching for in your life.  And even if you don’t yet know what it is you’re searching for or maybe you didn’t even know that you are searching, have faith that it will be revealed to you, and that’s why you chose this book.”

Usually, circumstances and events don’t appear or reveal themselves for what they truly are until later.  Knowing what questions and thoughts to form around those events can make the biggest difference in the evolution of your life.  That has always been the case with me.  Trusting the process of life is a very big challenge for us all.  The points in this book set the stage for the beginning of the last 6 months of my transition.


Today I write from a place of more personal sharing.  I am in the middle of a major transition in my life.  I have been practicing chiropractic for 11 years now and it has been rewarding both professionally and personally in so many ways.  Recently, I have felt the need for a change to the current form that it is in.  I recognised within myself that while I love what I do, and do what I love, there are other things that I want to do as well.  I also recognised the signs in myself alerting me to needing a change – to develop other aspects of myself.  Rather than ignoring them, I chose to explore the signs.  Covering them up can result in crises such as illness, accidents, even death.  How many times do you hear of people getting news of heart attacks, strokes or cancer or a major sporting injury or car accident?  It’s all over the news, and with these tragedies there are usually underlying “wake up calls” to give us a hint to realise what is really important.  I really don’t want to wait until that happens in order to make changes in my life.  Life is a gift – something we should not take for granted.  I am so grateful for all of the people and experiences in my own life – they have all been significant and with purpose.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to pursue my dreams from a young age and carry them out.  The path was definitely different to the way I had planned it in my mind early on as a university student!  It has been more than interesting and has made invaluable contributions to every bit of my personal growth and development along the way.  The path now is going in a different direction, and I am excited and looking forward to seeing what is in store.  I have learned from the past that while there are dreams and goals we have, it is the path to get us there that is not what we expect.  I expect my dreams to be realised, and trust in the timing and the journey that will unfold.

A way I have been describing this to my current patients in my practice is:  “instead of having a mid life crisis – I am choosing to make it a productive mid life transition”.  We all have choices, but most of the time it is the mind that gets in the way.  By being proactive in reflecting, meditating, having quiet time to actually step out of the “busy-ness” of life – we are able to listen and observe the signs and be more true to ourselves by stepping off the treadmill of life.